Contribution is the currency used by every Guild member to purchase Guild bonuses. They can be obtained through:

  • holding whatever field at reset on Turf War. Special fields will award more, but also Regular fields count for this purpose
  • since 28 June, merely being part of a Guild which takes part in Turf War will award a certain amount of them each day. They can be found in the Rewards tab of the Inbox and claimed from there. The amount depends on Turf tier:
Tier Contribution gained Example
I 500 DailyContribution.png
II 350
III 250
IV 165
V 110
VI 75
VII 50
Guilds Treasury.jpg

Contribution appears in the inbox daily, 12 hours after reset. Clicking above the CLAIM button gives the following tooltip: "The Guild Treasurer is pretty girl with big glasses. Her office located in the basement. She sits behind the dusty table, littered with manuscripts. She gives you a well-deserved reward and tells you to come again."

  • missing points for a desired boost can also be bought with gems at a rate of 4:1