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2021.04.14 - 14 April 2021 Patch

The official in game update:

We have prepared a spring gift for you. Your favorite bitches have received corrections in terms of skill descriptions, and the timers will now accurately show the time before the start of cool events.

  • Fixed incorrect display of timers indicating the time before the start of the Events, and you will always know when to launch your favorite game;
  • We are for equality and balance, so we disabled the Divine Arena "Women against Men";
  • Have you seen the Chaos summon? It actually exists. It's in the game and now it will appear more often;
  • Removed shameless bitches from the Pit that could Heal bosses;
  • Fixed the skills of Hanako, Lady Banshee, and Chieftain Orc.
  • Changed the skill balance of Mi, Ten-Tailed Fox. Will you miss her?
  • Fixed missing Evolve filter in the Squad section;
  • Fixed the "Career Growth" event. Bone Hunter and Stormrage are finally getting their well-deserved promotion.

That's all with the changes! We will be glad to hear your opinion about the innovations.

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