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C*** Wars Wiki

Welcome! This wiki is about the adult, collectible card game Cunt Wars (also Chick Wars on Nutaku) from Hooligapps.

To keep the wiki accessible from work and so forth, please do not upload any explicit material, including photos, that break the rule. We'll focus here on mechanics and strategy of the game.

Quick start

These shortcuts, which are available through the main navigation or the search bar as well, may be helpful for a quick start:


By using this site, you implicitly accept the Terms of agreements and to stick to them, please read them carefully. We want to hint especially on the NSFW content section: This is essentially a wiki about a gaming card with some porn-related contents inside. Staff is doing its best to keep it as safe as needed to allow a safe surfing, but it's still possible that some NSFW content is present.

Regarding copyrights for the content, see this page.


Like every Wiki, every contribution is very welcome and even small things can help to keep this Wiki alive and a powerful source of knowledge. There are many ways to contribute:

  • Provide content
    • Missing data, e.g. on the League page
    • Update existing pages
  • Participate in Discord channels

Both of these servers have a #wiki-talk channel specifically for talking about ways to improve the wiki.

Hosting support

The platform we are using (Miraheze) is hosted by volunteers, who are using their best efforts and their time to make the service running and are offering a very good support. Another way to help us running the place may be to help them running the platform, both in terms of tech skills and in terms of financial resources. Links with instructions are here:

Thank you in advance. CleavagesCwars (talk)

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