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This icon denotes that the unit is a Warlord

A Warlord is player's alter-ego in the game, and can be discerned by an icon with a crown. When Warlord loses all HP, the battle is over. Different Warlords have different sets of skills (three apiece) that give them each a unique flavor in battle, but we can recognise four different families, each with several skins:

Warlord-related tasks can normally be carried out with any skin within the family, so if told to do something with for instance Son of Woods, White Shaman or Ginger Overlord can be used instead.

Also, each Warlord family has its own deck of cards, so having Warlords from more than one family allows to stack more decks on the same profile (possibly optimized for different battle modes) while further reskins within the same family share the same deck, limiting this chance to maximum four decks per account.

Lastly, Warlords' capabilities can be boosted by equipping them with a Pet.


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